For clients

Clients and housing

In the WKS model, the basic attitude is very important. What does this mean? It means you can use the potentials you have. Everything that you can do yourself, or do together with the people with whom you live, is taken seriously by the counsellors.

This means, for example, that it is your home, that you make the rules, that you come up with solutions for cleaning, holidays, what you eat, and so on. In doing so, you learn to consult with each other and with the community worker.

What is the role of the community worker? The caretaker supports you when you are not able to do something. Furthermore, he is present in the background.

Clients and work

When working, we also follow the potentials that someone has. This gives self-confidence. Everything you can do yourself or do together with the people you work with gives you pleasure and a sense of responsibility towards each other. It is important to come up with your own solutions. Support is only given when you get stucked.

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