Therapists working with the WKS Model


There are two types of training:
1. Training for teams in the organisation
2. Training for WKS coaches within the organisation

1. Training to teams within the organisation:
Here teams are supported by experienced, registered trainers who train the teams to develop and implement the WKS-model in practice. Important themes here are:

  • What are the limitations for self-determination for residents, students, children, and so on
  • How to support the limitations
  • As a supports person to reflect on one’s own qualities
  • Team-co-operation and feedback
  • Work with video
  • Organisational implementation of the model
  • Develop the steps for implementation.
  • Support teams to develop their own style.

2.Training for WKS coaches within the organisation.
When a bigger organisation decides to implement the model within the complete organisation, we think it is important to train coaches within the organisation, to support implementation. These coaches will be trained twice per year (two blocks of two days) together with coaches of other organisations. The size of the group is approximately ten people.
Important themes here are:

  • Knowing and understanding the theory
  • Transferring theory into practice
  • Supporting teams en individual supports people
  • Training in and transferring skills
  • Supporting new co-workers
  • Analysing video’s
  • Different Services in and out of the country.
This way the quality of the organisation is guaranteed. The WKS coaches obtain a yearly license for maintaining the WKS model within the organisation. In 2009, 19 people own the license and 36 people are studying to obtain one.